Women Thought Leaders

Human society is slowly coming back to normal from the traumatic period of the Great Lockdown of 2020. However, the Life after #COVID19 will not be the same again, but human endeavour has time and again shown that it’s never too late to
seek a newer world.

The women have always played the most important role in the family, society and the country. Women, who contributed $1.5 trillion to the global health economy even before these extraordinary times, made up a disproportionate percentage of
workers in sectors and roles most impacted by economic downturns and which afforded less social protection.

During this unprecedented time of Covid 19, they saved families, kids and their men. Men could Work From Home, only because of these females as their mothers, wives and sisters. The children could study at home for the whole year, because a female teacher was at home. They cooked food, played the roles of doctor, teacher, entertainer and what not at home, and most ungratefully many of them even had to suffer in many ways during the pandemic and the lockdown. They also became saviours of millions of people as the nurses, doctors, para medics and pilots and even security personnel serving the nation at the midst of #COVID19.

Women Thought Leaders group is created and dedicated to all those women, who are working hard but not getting their due recognition and rights.